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ASKO Industrial Repair is a subsidiary of the ASKO Group est. 1967

The company profile for ASKO Industrial Repair is a job shop. Our focus is repair work in the aerospace, hydraulic heavy equipment, and food processing equipment industries.

High quality work at all levels and aspects of our operation.

Commitment to quality is second to none. Make our facility the best place that a customer can send their work, from customer service, to delivering error free work on time, which meets or exceeds their expectations and requirements.

Our team has a diverse machining background. Even though it is difficult to find good people, we have been fortunate to retain many of our employees for more than 10 years. This accumulated talent helps us consistently machine and grind the most difficult jobs in tolerance and on time.

It started back in 1967 when ASKO founders thought there was a better way of doing things. They saw a need for high quality metal finishing and the company ASKO Processing Inc. was formed. In the 1980’s there was a need for a machine shop to grind the hydraulic rods that were being processed. ASKO Group then purchased a hydraulic repair and machine shop and renamed it ASKO Hydraulic Repair in 1989. Our shop has been successfully machining and grinding and honing parts for over 30 years. Over 15 years of close tolerance aircraft parts. We changed the name again to ASKO Industrial Repair to better reflect the work and diverse industries that we serve. An exciting new area of work is now we have the ability of HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) thermal spray. We are constantly looking at new technologies and processes to streamline production, and acquiring new equipment to better serve our customers.

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Asko Industrial Repair
12128 Cyrus way
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Phone: 425-740-2993
Toll Free: 800-562-2816
Fax: 425-740-2991
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ASKO Industrial Repair is a part of the ASKO Group.

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